In a monumental triumph for the environment, the Snake River Alliance is delighted to announce the cancellation of NuScale’s Carbon-free power project, which had initially proposed a staggering 12 nuclear reactors at Idaho National Lab, then scaled down to six reactors. Thanks to our relentless advocacy, NuScale announced today that they are halting this costly, dangerous, and unnecessary proposal.

The “Stop the Dirty Dozen” Campaign was formed with a resolute mission to educate the public and decision-makers about the NuScale project’s adverse impacts on our community and the environment. We tirelessly worked to mobilize grassroots activism and ensure that Idahoans wouldn’t have to bear the nuclear waste burden for generations to come.

The project’s downsizing from 12 to 6 reactors is a testament to the strength of our advocacy and the dedicated efforts of the Alliance. This victory finally ending the project reflects the collective power of informed citizens, activists, and decision-makers who joined forces to stop it.

“The Snake River Alliance has been committed to safeguarding our water and the future of Idahoans since day one. We are thrilled to have achieved our campaign goal before the project received more taxpayer money, but our work is not done. We will remain vigilant, ensuring that similar projects do not further threaten our water and communities,” said Leigh Ford, executive director for the Snake River Alliance.

The Snake River Alliance is grateful to all the individuals, organizations, and concerned citizens who supported the cause and helped us achieve this victory. We recognize that the fight for a cleaner, safer future is ongoing, and we will continue to actively confront any nuclear threats that may arise in the future.