Snake River Alliance works to protect Idaho’s people, environment, and economy from the adverse impacts of nuclear activities, while promoting a clean, renewable energy future for all Idahoans. We embrace an energy future that addresses climate change in a clean, cost effective, and equitable manner, leaving future generations free of the nuclear waste burden.  

We are Idaho’s fiercest advocate for a nuclear-free future. Left unchecked, the federal government all too often treats Idaho as a nuclear dumping ground―burying thousands of leaking barrels of nuclear waste in shallow pits and intentionally pumping billions of gallons of the most lethal nuclear sludge directly into Idaho’s groundwater. Year after year, the federal government and nuclear companies develop new proposals to burn plutonium and build untested nuclear reactors in Idaho, hoping to leave the waste and the risk with Idahoans. And all this takes place above Idaho’s lifeblood – the Snake River Plain and the Snake River Aquifer. The Alliance works to enforce the cleanup of the areas that are already contaminated and prevent future projects from endangering Idahoans and our extraordinary quality of life. 

Snake River Alliance also leads the charge for Idaho’s clean energy future. The Alliance was the first group in Idaho to explain how the state could end its use of coal-fired power generation. We successfully challenged efforts to prevent utility customers from installing solar panels on their rooftops, using that energy, and selling unused energy. Our “Solarize the Valley” campaign provided solar audits to 400 families and helped more than 120 families install solar and invest more than $2.5 million in the Treasure Valley economy. 

If you love Idaho, please join us today. 

Celebrating the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons with Snake River Alliance activists… the Nuclear Blues