After three long awaited years, Alliance for Nuclear Accountability’s (ANA) DC Days conference was back in person this April! The Snakes were thrilled to attend, and it was a week full of fun and insightful learning experiences. Two staff members (Ava Traverso and Leigh Ford) along with youth volunteer Danika Lustre made the journey representing Idaho.

Sunday was a jam-packed day of training before we hit the ground running Monday on the Hill. Kevin Kamps with Beyond Nuclear and Alex Jasset with PSR-LA provided incredibly useful lobbying training. This was a great way to learn about each group/state hot button issue and how SRA can help and connect across those boundaries. Overall, the day was a fantastic opportunity to meet our allies in person! 

Snake River Alliance saved the best for last and met with Representative Mike Simpson’s office on Wednesday. We raised our concern regarding the Molten Chloride Reactor experiment and new reactor projects in general, which would create more waste that will stay in Idaho. Our youth intern advocated for future generations, telling Rep. Simpson’s staffer, Sarah Cannon, that it was unjust that one generation consumes nuclear energy and creates radioactive waste, leaving the cleanup to children not yet born.

Some of the other offices we visited included Sen. Jacky Rosen (NV),  Rep. Brittany Petersen (CO), Sen. Dick Durbin (IL), Sen. Jeff Merkley (OR), Rep. Susan Lee (NV), Rep. Joe Morelle (NY) and the Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy. It was an invaluable experience and so wonderful to connect with our allies.