We again congratulate Idaho Power on their 100% clean energy commitment, this is great news! However, we wanted to address a few questions we’ve heard from our members the last few days. We understand that some new stories were perhaps confusing or misleading following Idaho Power’s 100% clean energy commitment as it relates to nuclear power.

We confirmed with Idaho Power that they are not actively pursuing an investment in the early stage small modular reactor proposal/ project in Eastern Idaho. Idaho Power has examined nuclear power in the past and will likely continue to explore this resource (and dozens of others) within their Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) process. To date, the small modular nuclear reactors have not been identified as a preferred resource, likely due to cost issues.

The Snake River Alliance is grateful to be able to participate in the IRP process and will continue to engage to ensure concerns are raised related to nuclear and other energy issues.

Thank you to Idaho Power for the clarification.