Send your solar comments now! 

By March 9, send comments in support of solar net energy metering to: on Idaho Power’s case IPC-E-17-13.  For suggestions on what to say to the IPUC click here.

Pocatello hearing: March 5, at 7 pm at City Council Chambers, 911 N. 7th Ave. Please attend — dressed in yellow — and show your support of solar energy.

Idaho Power feels that electric customers with solar, wind or micro-hydro are not paying their fair share. They want to put them in a separate rate class with the intent to raise rates later. The Snake River Alliance wants to defend affordable solar energy in Idaho. Studies by Lawrence Berkeley National Labs show that solar net-metering may actually lower retail electric rates. Idaho Power should encourage, not discourage, solar and distributed generation.

On March 8 and 9, the Idaho Public Utilities Commission will listen to testimony from the Alliance other intervenors. You can read our most recent testimony here. We now have a webpage on Net Metering —  follow this link to see more.  Let’s keep solar affordable in Idaho!