The fox is truly guarding the apple blossoms in Washington, DC, this year. So the Snake River Alliance will field a team of five volunteer activists to fight back.

This May, five Alliance members – old and young – will donate their time and out-of-pocket expenses to represent YOU by going to Washington, DC, to participate in a week of citizen lobbying. We need your financial help to fight in the halls of Congress for a nuclear-free future.

A lot has changed in Washington lately, but not the power of old-fashioned lobbying. Public money has always propped-up the nuclear industry, and now that industry is lobbying for even more of your tax dollars to take care of its dangerous waste and underwrite nuclear technologies that have been tried and failed before.

We will reach out to recently appointed members of the Trump Administration – not just with online petitions – but with personal contacts and shoe leather.

We can’t do it without you! Please help us get our volunteers to Washington. Your $1000 gift would cover airfare for one of our five participants. A gift of $600 will cover lodging and food for a volunteer.

Your $100 gift will pay for 10 briefing packets for Members of Congress on pending legislation that would harm taxpayers and the environment. Any amount will help our lobbying team hit the ground running. Please consider donating $50 or $100 to help this grassroots campaign succeed.

This won’t be easy, but our volunteers are brave. We plan to have up to 100 meetings with elected officials and agency heads. We will talk directly with Members of Congress, the DOE, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

This is a crucial project and we need your help. The Snake River Alliance’s most important job is to protect our land, water, and people. Direct people-to-people contact is the best way to win hearts and minds.

The Alliance will work with other grassroots groups to support clean energy and a world free of nuclear weapons. We’ll remind people in DC that people in Idaho are at risk from the nuclear waste that is already here.

Getting our volunteers to Washington, DC, is how we build relationships with those in power and become even more effective, year-round advocates for Idaho.

Please become part of our grassroots lobbying effort by making a gift to help cover the direct costs of getting our Idaho ambassadors to DC. This could make all the difference.

Some Trump appointees ignore the lessons of Fukushima and want taxpayers to pay for more of the same old, dangerous technology. But we haven’t forgotten the failed promises of the nuclear industry and will fight to protect Idaho.