Wendy WilsonIf you care about clean energy, the Snake River Alliance is for you. The Alliance advocates on all the issues you care about — including nuclear. We promote clean energy, help people conserve and adopt renewable energy, and support grassroots action. Thank you for being a member of the Alliance!

Here is a new way to help: Each year the Alliance mails thousands of renewal letters. Too many are lost or tossed by our members and supporters. Now we have a way that you can build the financial stability of the Alliance and reduce waste.Alliance Donors w:caption

How: Sign up as a “Recurring Donor” and allow the Alliance to receive your membership fees directly – online and paper-free – every year, every quarter,or every month.

Why? To help us save staff time, postage and paper. As a Recurring Donor you will get fewer membership mailings (down to one a year) and can modify or cancel your recurring gift at any time.

For 37 years the Alliance has been here for our members. We are always looking to improve our efficiency. Please let me know how to serve you better.

Wendy Wilson, Executive Director