retrieving-buried-wasteOn Thursday, November 3, the Snake River Alliance will be sponsoring a tour of the cleanup work at the Idaho National Laboratory. Come see –

  • Ongoing exhumation of plutonium contaminated waste that the government buried in unlined pits above the Snake River Aquifer.
  • The nearly complete efforts to retrieve and repackage 7-acres’ worth of waste that had been piled above-ground.
  • The so-far stalled Integrated Waste Treatment Unit, which it’s hoped can someday successfully empty 900,000 gallons of intensely radioactive liquid waste from single-walled tanks buried above the Snake River Aquifer.
  • Preparation of very radioactive plutonium-contaminated waste so that it might someday be buried at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico.

The tour will take the whole day – from 9 am to about 4:30 pm. This time of year, the Arco Desert averages about 50 degrees during the day. But we’ll be in buildings or a van most of the time. And unless there is a storm, eastern Idaho’s high desert is beautiful in the fall – snowy peaks in the distance and clear, crisp air.

To sign up or for more information, please contact Beatrice at [email protected]