Your Action is Needed! The Department of Energy has an open Invitation for Public Comment on the future of “consent-based nuclear waste siting”.  Email comments will be accepted until July 31st.

In your email, please explain to the agency what type of public process would make you more likely to “consent” to having the nuclear industry send spent fuel to Idaho for long-term “interim consolidation”. Please include your specific personal comments, concerns or just explain how you feel about nuclear waste! Let them know that Idaho is a NON-consent state and always will be.

email: [email protected], using the subject line “Response to IPC” by July 31st, 2016. Include your name, address, phone number, and email address. Please attempt to answer these questions: 1) How can DOE make this “consent-based” process fair? 2) What models or experiences should DOE use in process design? 3) Who should be involved in the process? And 4) What information or resources do you need to be involved in the process? Additional comments should be included at the end of your response as “Additional Comments.”