And we’re going for a visit April 17 through 20!

Much of what the Snake River Alliance works on and what our members care about is right here at home – the Snake River Aquifer, the infernal intention to always, always push nuclear waste toward the west. But the decisions that guide all things nuclear are made in Washington, DC. That’s why the Snake River Alliance joins allied groups each spring to meet with members of Congress and high-level Administration officials to try to encourage good nuclear policies and stop bad ideas. DC Days participants have a whole day of training on nuclear issues and lobbying skills. We meet like-minded activists from across the country. And then, armed with allies and accurate information, we work three days trying to convince our government to protect our people and environment from nuclear waste and pollution, to abandon efforts to prop up the dying nuclear power industry, and to stop squandering our future building ever more deadly nuclear weapons.

If you would like more information on joining or supporting our efforts, please contact Beatrice at [email protected].