You’d need to drive a high-tech Tesla to use them, but in another sign that popularity of electric vehicles is soaring, Idaho Power joined Tesla Motors representatives, Mayor Dave Bieter and other dignitaries in cutting the ribbon on a bank of EV superchargers near Boise’s Oxford Suites hotel just off Interstate 84 and near exit 50A.

“Idaho Power is thrilled to have the opportunity to supply the ‘fuel’ to Tesla owners,” Idaho Power Senior Vice President for Power Supply Lisa Grow said. “If you’re ‘filling up’ with us, you’re driving the equivalent of 95-cents-per-gallon gasoline.” The new superchargers can provide an 80 percent charge in as little as 40 minutes. According to an Idaho Power news release, this is Idaho’s’ second EV supercharger. The first is in Coeur d’Alene.While it’s true these chargers can only be used by the pricey Teslas, it’s also true that the number of EV charging stations in Boise and across Idaho continues to grow. That’s important because in the past, installation of charging stations was held back by the lack of electric vehicles to use them, but the lack of EVs to use them was due in part to the lack of chargers.

While local Tesla owners will welcome the addition of the new chargers, those who may really appreciate them will be drivers passing through Boise for an electricity fill-up on their way to points unknown. Teslas have longer ranges per charge than other EVs, but even Teslas need a charge once in a while.

You can go here to learn more about the Alliance’s partnership with Idaho Conservation League, Idaho Power, and Whole Foods to install a charger at the Boise Whole Foods market, and for links to help find other charging stations around Idaho. Boise’s first public EV charging station was installed by the Sierra Club outside its office at 503 W. Franklin Street. Both the Whole Foods and Sierra Club chargers are free.