Well Done, Snake River Alliance!The determination, intelligence and creativity of Snake River Alliance supporters have been at the forefront in the past weeks at meetings on Areva’s plans to build a uranium factory here and in less public but as important efforts to convince Idaho senators to help ratify the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START).

Because of pressure from the Alliance and its supporters, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission held two meetings in Idaho on the Areva factory draft EIS. Hundreds attended both of the meetings, the vast majority in Boise opposed to the plant and the majority in Idaho Falls in favor of it.

Alliance members held a pre-meeting, poster-waving rally outside the Boise meeting. Many speakers voiced their concerns about Areva’s waste. A member from Boise, noting how little attention Areva and the NRC had paid to actual operation of the facility, reminded everyone that the plant under debate was “not a Wal-Mart,” but rather a factory handling dangerous radioactive material. A Pocatello member contrasted the support nuclear Areva has curried with the near universal opposition of Idaho officialdom to the plan to store mercury in eastern Idaho.

Supporters of New START have also been contacting their senators urging ratification. A small group has spoken directly with one of the senators, and a retired nuclear submarine commander penned a guest editorial.

It’s heartening to see all the energy our members and supporters bring to the public policy table. We’ve stood up against grave threats, and Idaho’s land and people are better off. “Well done, Snake River Alliance. Well done.”

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