The Snake River Alliance is hosting two events you won’t want to miss.  The first allows you to join hundreds of thousands of people around the world advocating for climate crisis solutions. The second gives you all you need to be a well-informed clean energy advocate and a free meal besides.

Boise Bike Rally – Moving Planet

On September 24, Boise will participate in “Moving Planet,” a global day of action to move beyond fossil fuels coordinated by, an organization founded by environmental activist and author Bill McKibben that raises awareness about the climate crisis.  Scientists say that a concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of 350 parts per million is the safe upper limit to maintain the stable, balanced planet we’ve always enjoyed.  The CO2 concentration is currently 392 ppm, so clean energy changes must be made. “Moving Planet” will be celebrated in every country on earth to help move the planet toward a cleaner energy future.

For Moving Planet day, the Snake River Alliance is mobilizing a Boise bike rally.  The rally will start at the Capitol steps at noon and then travel through the streets of downtown Boise, passing by the headquarters of Idaho’s key energy decision makers along the way.  Participants will call on each of these entities to take the necessary steps to phase out Idaho’s coal consumption and expand energy efficiency.  After reading Ken Miller’s article in this month’s Snake Bites on Idaho’s Dangerous Dalliance with King Coal, you’ll understand why it’s so important these demands be met.  Idaho policymakers, utility regulators, and electric utilities can move Idaho past coal and capture more efficiency, but it’s time they hear from constituents and energy consumers like you that this is an issue worth rallying for.  In the face of an urgent crisis, these decision makers should respond with the urgent implementation of solutions.

Idaho needs to get moving.  Join us this Saturday to put the pressure on.  It will be fun, invigorating, and impossible to ignore.  C’mon Boise! Let’s MOVE!

When: Saturday, September 24, 12:00-1:00pm
Where: Idaho State Capitol steps
Bring (optional): bike, costume, decorations, props, signs, donation, friends, family
RSVP:  Moving Planet or Facebook

Idaho’s Clean Energy Future
 Workshop Series

The Snake River Alliance released the first version of Idaho’s Clean Energy Future, or “Energy Guide,” in May and have been actively distributing them to Alliance members, the public, partner organizations, public officials, and schools ever since.  The Guide was updated with an additional chapter on low-income utility challenges at the beginning of August, and now contains nine full chapters covering topics such as where Idaho get its energy, how energy is regulated in the state, and what potential there is for renewable energy development in Idaho.  Basically, the Energy Guide covers everything you need to know about energy in Idaho, and here’s the best part: it’s written for folks who aren’t energy experts!  Anyone can dive into this book to learn more about energy in Idaho, and when you’re finished, you’ll no doubt feel informed and ready to dive deeper, get involved, and advocate for Idaho’s clean energy future.

For those who haven’t read the Energy Guide yet and for those who’ve read it but still have some questions,this workshop series is for you!  Each week participants will be encouraged to read three chapters ahead of time, and each workshop will begin with an overview of those chapters by Energy Guide author Ken Miller.  There will then be a facilitated discussion about the topics in those chapters with plenty of time to ask questions and share comments.

This will be an excellent opportunity to learn all about Idaho’s energy picture and the clean energy future that the Alliance advocates for.  The workshops will be fun and engaging and certainly eye-opening to those that have never ventured into the energy realm!
We hope to see you at the first workshop on Sept. 26, and don’t forget to invite your friends, family members, and neighbors to register, too!

When:  Mondays, Sept 26, Oct 3 and Oct 10, 6:00-7:30pm
Sept 26 and Oct 3: Thomas Hammer Coffee House Board Room, 298 N. 8th St., Boise
Oct 10: Red Feather Wine Cellar, 246 N. 8th St., Boise
Cost: FREE for members; $30 for non-members (or FREE with a new membership—starts as low as $15!)
Book:  Need a copy of the Alliance’s Idaho Clean Energy Future (free online or available as hardcopy for $10)
Food:  Snacks provided at Thomas Hammer workshops; Pizza dinner provided at Red Feather workshop!
Register:  Online or call 344-9161