Monday, May 7, 2007

Jeremy Maxand, Executive Director
(208) 344-9161 office
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Snake river alliance takes on clean energy


After nearly three decades of successfully challenging nuclear weapons plants and advocating for cleanup of the Cold War legacy at the Idaho National Laboratory and across the Department of Energy complex, the Snake River Alliance has expanded its work to include sustainable alternatives to nuclear and coal power.


Ken Miller recently joined the Alliance to coordinate the organization’s new Clean Energy Program. Prior to joining the Alliance, Miller represented the Seattle-based NW Energy Coalition as its Idaho energy advocate, working on sustainable energy policies and coordinating clean-energy advocacy in Idaho.


“Throughout our history, the Alliance has been able to focus our resources on the task at hand,” said Jeremy Maxand, Snake River Alliance executive director. “Our work to ensure adequate cleanup of nuclear pollution threatening Idaho’s most valuable natural resource—water—will not end soon. At the same time, we recognize the growing challenges of global warming and increasing energy demand. Our country—indeed, the world—is at a crossroads. We want to help craft the significant changes in both energy policy and technology we all recognize we need,” Maxand said.


“We are all too familiar with the damage nuclear activities can cause. We don’t want Idaho to suffer from or be distracted by a dirty, expensive, futile nuclear power resurgence. We can do better, and with Ken’s deep experience and our members’ enthusiasm, we will,” Maxand pledged.


“I am excited and energized to be working with the Alliance, said Miller. “The time to develop our clean and renewable energy, and expand conservation and efficiency, is now, and the Alliance is well positioned to bring the leadership and public policy experience on these issues to bear.”


In his new role with the Alliance, Miller will work with Idaho clean energy advocates and state and local policy-makers to encourage development and expansion of renewable energy resources in Idaho and to expand energy conservation and energy efficiency programs across the state. Miller also serves on the state’s Wind Power Working Group and participates in utility energy planning and regulatory matters.


The Snake River Alliance is an Idaho-based grassroots group working through research, education, and community advocacy for peace and justice, the end to nuclear weapons, responsible solutions to nuclear waste and contamination, and sustainable alternatives to nuclear power.