Snake River Alliance Shows Documentary Showcasing Nuclear Energy Oct. 5 at the Flicks
Snake River Alliance News Release
September 23, 2008

CONTACT: Snake River Alliance
Andrea Shipley, executive director
208-344-9161 (w); 208-514-8713 (c)

What: A Hard Rain documentary showing and presentation by Snake River Alliance
When: Sunday, October 5 2008, noon-3 pm
Where: The Flicks, 646 Fulton, Boise
Why: The event is an opportunity for the public to see the nuclear fuel cycle in its entirety, the devastation the cycle poses to the environment and people, and to learn more about the current nuclear threats in Idaho
Cost: Suggested donation of $10 at the door

Boise, ID: The Snake River Alliance announces a documentary called, A Hard Rain. The film looks at the experiences of countries overseas that have gone nuclear, debunks some of the myths of the nuclear industry including by proving that nuclear power is not safe, cheap, healthy and green and with little chance of another Chernobyl happening.

Idaho has faced a number of nuclear developments in 2008 including two nuclear power reactor proposals and the announcement from French-owned Areva that it intends to build a uranium enrichment plant here.

Snake River Alliance executive director Andrea Shipley said, “With governments and some mainstream media promoting that nuclear is now a viable alternative to fossil fuels it is more critical than ever to ensure the public knows the facts. Nuclear energy is an environmental, economic and energy loser when there are better options such as wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and conservation and energy efficiency standards that provide a cleaner, cheaper, safer solution,” Shipley said.

The Snake River Alliance works to promote the end to nuclear weapons, responsible solutions to nuclear waste and contamination, and sustainable alternatives to nuclear power.