Nuclear Power Plant In Southwest Idaho?
KBCI Channel 2 News
December 7, 2006

By Sarah Dallof — A Nevada-based company is planning to build a nuclear power plant outside of Bruneau, Idaho.

In a letter of intent, Alternate Energy Holdings announced their plans to have a plant up a running by 2008.

In a telephone interview, Alternate Energy Holdings President and CEO Donald L Gillispie told CBS 2 News the plant would produce enough energy to power several cities the size of Boise. Gillispie says it would look like a big air conditioner, the tallest part would be no more than 100 ft high, and it would blend into Bruneau’s landscape.

Gilleispie estimates it would employ about 500 people.

According the the Owyhee County Clerk, Alternate Energy Holdings has neither applied for a planning and zoning permit nor spoken with any county officials.

Residents of Bruneau were surprised by the news.

“I thought maybe it was a joke,” Verlin Gingerich told CBS 2 News. “No one has been around to talk to us or to talk to anyone in the community about it.”

Nuclear watchdog group the Snake River Alliance is concerned by the project’s quick timeline.

“We would rather they not build at all,” Outreach Director Ester Ceja said.

“Nuclear power is dirty and expensive. We have waste issue, we have proliferation issues associated with nuclear energy.”

Alternate Energy Holdings says they’ll hold public hearings concerning the plant. No dates have been set.