Nuclear Plant to Make Ethanol
DTN Ethenol Center
December 14, 2006

OMAHA (DTN) — Alternate Energy Holdings announced plans Thursday to incorporate co-generation at its proposed nuclear power plant to produce ethanol, according to a news release from the Virginia-based company.

The proposed plant, which will be located near Bruneau, Idaho, was originally requested by the Rural River Cooperative to assist with local farmers’ irrigation needs.

AEH is considering using surplus heat from the plant to lower the high cost of producing bioethanol from locally grown grain, according to the news release.

Thermal integration with an ethanol plant also will reduce the amount of water required for the power plant’s routine operations.

The plant will employ the concepts of efficient plant process by-product use, including producing livestock with distillers grains, generating methane from animal waste and innovative crop production.

The company is currently in discussion with Rod Stucker of RM Enterprises LLC, a Boise-based agricultural and ethanol consultant who has developed patent-pending technology for various aspects of an integrated biorefinery ag park complex, according to the news release.