Elmore County P&Z Announces Rezoning Hearing Dates for Nuke Plant
Snake River Alliance News Release
September 23, 2009

CONTACT: Snake River Alliance
Andrea Shipley, executive director
208-344-9161 (w); 208-514-8713 (c)

Elmore County Planning and Zoning Commission hearings to make a decision on rezoning agricultural land to industrial for proposed nuclear power reactor

October 1st: Anyone wanting to testify must submit a written request to P&Z by this date.
October 8th: The applicant, Don Gillispie and his company AEHI will present their application and argue that rural agricultural land is best suited for industrialization.
October 22nd: large groups (defined as 10 or more) are given 10 minutes to speak in opposition to the proposal.
October 29th: Individuals are allowed 3 minutes to speak in opposition to the rezoning. Elmore County folks need to be given priority and the Alliance will work to ensure this happens. Nevertheless, your voice & presence matters and you will get a chance to speak.
November 5th: AEHI gets an unlimited rebuttal.

Where: Junior High Gymnasium, Mountain Home

Boise, ID: The Snake River Alliance plans to be present for each Elmore County Planning and Zoning Committee meeting pertaining to the possible rezoning of agricultural land to industrial in order for Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc to begin proceedings for their proposed nuclear power reactor.

Idaho has faced a number of nuclear developments in 2008 including two nuclear power reactor proposals and the announcement from French-owned Areva that it intends to build a uranium enrichment plant here.

Snake River Alliance executive director Andrea Shipley said, “Nuclear energy is an environmental, economic and energy loser. There are better options such as wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and conservation and energy efficiency standards that provide a cleaner, cheaper, and safer solution. Idaho’s precious Snake River cannot risk nuclear pollution or over usage for cooling a reactor when its resources are the very life blood of agriculture in this state,” Shipley said.

The Snake River Alliance works to promote the end to nuclear weapons, responsible solutions to nuclear waste and contamination, and sustainable alternatives to nuclear power.