DOE-Idaho Operations Summary
Issued Febuary 8, 2006
DOE-Idaho Bi-Weekly Operations Summary
For the Period of January 23-Febuary 6, 2006

Environmental Management

Summary of Occurrence Reports

(Note: Date below indicates when notification was made of the incident)

January 26: On January 24, soil samples taken from below a diesel fuel storage tank at the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center showed the presence of diesel fuel. The diesel fuel-contaminated soil was removed, mitigative actions taken and appropriate regulatory authorities notified. An investigation into the source of the leak was initiated.

January 31: On January 30, a worker performing snow removal using a small tractor at Test Area
North severed a 480-volt cable. The worker stopped operations immediately, the
electricity was shut off to the cable and a critique of the incident was held.

January 31: On January 27, BBWI discovered that a drum of transuranic waste had mistakenly
been sent to a low-level waste disposal facility. The receiving facility was notified and the drum was set aside in a holding area, prior to its return to the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Facility. The drum has been safely returned to AMWTP. (EM-ID-BBWI-AMWTF-2006-0005)

Febuary 2: CWI, the contractor at the Radioactive Waste Management Complex, found that a vendor incorrectly certified an electrical distribution system. The vendor placed an Underwriters Laboratory stamp on the system, which is comprised of both high and low voltage, when the vendor is only certified by UL to place his stamp on low-voltage systems. A UL certification authority was scheduled to inspect the system. (EM-ID-CWI-RWMC-2006-2002)

Febuary 6: On Febuary 2, electricians working at the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Facility
were observed deviating from zero-energy check specifications established by a safe work permit. Maintenance work at AMWTF was halted until all maintenance technicians and their managers were briefed on the incident. (EM-ID-BBWI-AMWTF-2006-0006)

Operational Status

Waste Shipments: As of Jan. 28, the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project had shipped 5,334 cubic meters of transuranic waste to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico for disposal. The AMWTP made 14 waste shipments to WIPP during the week ending Jan. 28. The project plans to continue to ship waste at a weekly rate of 31 shipments per week, weather permitting, for the immediate future.

Nuclear Energy

Summary of Occurrence Reports

January 24: During a planned modification of a computer control system cabinet at the Advanced Test Reactor on January 20, facility personnel found some of the bolts anchoring the cabinet could not be completely installed, as required. Inadequate anchoring of the cabinet could cause it to tip or slide, and potentially cause an increase or decrease in the Advanced Test Reactor’s primary coolant system pressure. The reactor was in a routine shutdown at the time of the discovery of the problem, which was addressed prior to its restart. (NE-ID–BEA-ATR-2006-0002)

January 31: On January 18, an Idaho National Laboratory bus collided with a truck near Blackfoot. The bus driver was injured, but six passengers on the bus were not hurt. Idaho State Police investigated the accident and determined the driver of the truck, who was cited, was at fault.

Operational Status

Hydrogen Production: Idaho National Laboratory is now producing hydrogen using electrolysis as part of an experiment under the Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative. The lab has been producing 170 liters per hour of hydrogen for 664 continuous hours. The goal of the experiment is to produce hydrogen for 1,000 hours at a rate greater than 100 liters per hour.