Department of Energy’s Emergency Operations Center is gathering information about a reported fire north of the Idaho Site The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has been activated and is gathering information about a wildland fire on the northwest side of the INL desert Site.

The blaze began this afternoon near Highway 33 between Arco and Howe near the Howe Peak area. It is burning several acres of grasses and sagebrush on both sides of Highway 33 near Mile Marker 9.

The INL Fire Department has activated and INL firefighters are teaming with others from Butte County and the Bureau of Land Management. INL heavy equipment units have arrived at the scene of the wildfire.

When events such as this are reported, DOE activates its EOC as a standard practice to gather information and coordinate site-wide incident responders, as needed.  This news release is being issued to alert you of the incident and the EOC activation. INL officials say there is no known hazard or risk to the public.

INL employees are responding to investigate the incident; and state, county and tribal officials are being notified. News release updates will be issued when more information is available. Additional details on the nature of the incident and a preliminary impact assessment will be provided to the media and the public as soon as they are available and confirmed.

Please note that information about this event reported by unofficial sources may be incomplete or inaccurate.

INL’s emergency Joint Information Center at the Engineering Research Office Building, 2525 Fremont Ave., Idaho Falls, has been activated to respond to any questions you may have about this incident. Media and members of the public should call the phone numbers below, not your regular INL contacts.

Media Information: (208) 526-9206        Please do not call other INL contacts
Public Information: (208) 526-5042

Follow-up News Releases will be posted on INL’s Web site at: