Behind the Light Switch: Fuel-Mix Disclosure

Since the passage of the 2007 Idaho Energy Plan, the Alliance has pushed for implementation of some of the plan’s low-hanging fruit, including its recommendation that electric utility customers receive, from their utility, a disclosure of the utility’s “fuel-mix.” That means your utility should provide you with a breakdown of where your electricity comes from. Most people in Idaho believe almost all their energy comes from hydropower, when in fact nearly half of it comes from coal. At the Alliance we are striving to educate the public about where their energy comes from to create a broader consciousness and, potentially, a shift to where the utility customers are insisting on cleaner options, like renewable energy.

After working with Idaho Power for several months we would like to congratulate them on the construction of an excellent fuel-mix disclosure. This break-down of Idaho Power’s energy resource mix is easy to understand, educational, and effective. Idaho Power plans to include this in a bill stuffer annually (you may have seen it this last May) and you can access it on-line here.

Take a look and let us know what you think!