The Snake River Alliance is Idaho’s only nuclear watchdog and leading clean energy advocate. Because we do such great work promoting clean energy and protecting Idaho from new nuclear projects and radioactive contamination, the Alki Fund, one of our staunchest supporters, has offered us a wonderful matching grant opportunity in 2011. Anytime is a great time to give to the Alliance, but this year is a chance to make your gift go even further.
If you are a new donor to the Alliance, the Alki Fund will match your gift in full. If you are a current donor and increase your giving by at least $20, the increase will be matched.  If you haven’t given since 2007, your gift will qualify for a full match.
In order for the Alliance to be strong and steady, we need consistent and generous giving from our members. The Alki Fund knows that. To help us invigorate our donor base, it’s offering you an opportunity and incentive to give a little more, give again, or give for the first time knowing that your contribution will have extra impact.
As you know, we work hard to protect Idaho from new nuclear projects and nuclear waste, while advocating for sensible clean energy solutions. Throughout the coming year, the Snake River Alliance will:
• protect Idaho by watchdogging environmental activities at INL and staunchly opposing any efforts to move commercial nuclear waste to any Department of Energy facility, including the Idaho National Laboratory
• slow nuclear power expansion by standing against proposed increases in federal nuclear loan guarantees and challenging a uranium enrichment plant in eastern Idaho
• lead the way toward a cleaner energy future by forcing Idaho’s electricity producers to end their addiction to coal, embrace renewable energy production, and take real steps to increase energy efficiency and conservation
As always, we are busy and productive. We work hard every day to protect the Idaho we all love and to ensure a clean energy future. Giving to the Alliance is a great way to give back to your community. The Alki Fund Matching Grant is your chance to make that gift a little bigger, without hitting your pocket-book too hard. Please feel free to contact us ([email protected]) with questions about your gift qualifying for the Alki Match and to confirm your previous donation amount. Thank you so much for your support.