Dirty Dozen CANCELED!

We are thrilled to announce the complete cessation of the NuScale/UAMPS “Carbon-free” nuclear power project at Idaho National Lab.

The initial proposal for 12 reactors was a looming threat to our water, environment, and communities. Our relentless advocacy led to a reduction from 12 to 6 reactors, and now ultimately forcing its complete shutdown.

As the permitting dragged on and costs became more uncertain, especially highlighted by critics of nuclear power who railed on the “unproven technology,” subscribers began to drop out.

Deseret News

This victory is a testament to the strength of our grassroots organizing, the dedication of our members, and the collective power of our allied partners in Utah and across the West, informed citizens, and activists who joined forces to protect our water, resources, and communities.

We are relieved that the project heads made this decision before the federal government wasted any more taxpayer money.

“As we have said for many years, taxpayer-funded entities should not be acting as venture capitalists on risky projects, no matter what the nature of the project is. This welcome news for taxpayers in Utah confirms what reasonable voices surrounding this project have known and spoken about for years- that it was doomed to fail.”

Rusty Cannon, president of the Utah Taxpayers Association