Kelly Cox | Boise

Kelly Cox grew up in Madison, Wisconsin where she and her friends spent their time in giant rubber boots fishing trash out of the lakes – for fun. She logged many hours on the reef, scuba diving around the world with her parents witnessing both the bounty and the decline of our ancient paradise.
She fell in love with the West in her explorations of Southern Utah and then moved to Missoula, Montana for school where she received a BFA in Ceramics. Several years were then spent in Minneapolis volunteering with activist puppet and urban farm opera troupes as well and meandering for days along the Superior Hiking Trail. 
In 2011 she was backpacking around Japan during the Fukushima earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster which began her interest in the nuclear mess and her commitment to pursuing “no regrets” solutions to our climate problems. In 2012 she moved to Boise, Idaho with her high school sweetheart to attend and work for Boise State University where she received an MFA in Ceramics. In 2017 hurricane Irma ravaged her parents and their house in Saint Croix, USVI driving home her fears and passions about the need  for climate action. 
Currently she teaches Art at Boise State, Fort Boise Community Center and the Potter’s Center and makes ceramic sculpture about her love and concern for the planetary systems with her husband and son. You can find images of their work at