Celebrating Fifty Years of Earth Day!

By Holly Harris, Executive Director

April finds us celebrating Earth Month and 50 years of Earth Day! This year we are facing an unprecedented public health and economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In a matter of weeks, lives and livelihoods all over the country have been thrown into chaos. And make no mistake, the nuclear industry and other dirty energy industries are doing everything possible to cash in on the crisis. Now more than ever, I hope we all remember that our shared commitment to one another and to protecting this beautiful planet unites us during the most challenging of times.  

Although COVID-19 may force us to keep our physical distance, it does not silence our voices. In the coming weeks, we will continue engaging Alliance supporters to celebrate Earth Month. We share an appreciation that the protection of our planet and the well-being of the people who live upon it are the paramount priorities. As Beatrice Brailsford frequently reminded many of us, Margaret Mead said it best: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Together we are continuing to fight the nuclear industry’s efforts to bring dirty and dangerous nuclear power to Idaho. We are opposing the uranium industry’s efforts to reap a record-breaking public subsidy to revive domestic uranium mining. We are advocating against the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s efforts to usurp public participation in the environmental review of new nuclear reactors. We’re fighting back against efforts to allow radioactive waste to be dumped in Idaho landfills. And we are helping to lead a growing national effort to diversify the anti-nuclear community; it is an exciting time to see new voices join the chorus of people opposing the nuclear complex. 

We are also embracing this time as an important opportunity to advance 100% renewable, pro-electrification efforts throughout Idaho. We are encouraging more communities to make their own commitments to transition to 100% renewable energy. We are working on actions to reduce natural gas/methane consumption to compliment the City of Boise’s 100% renewable energy commitment. And we continue fighting back against Idaho Power’s efforts to curb (or kill) residential and small commercial rooftop solar in Idaho!

Finally, beginning in 2020, we are celebrating Earth Month by encouraging all annual donors to renew their contributions to the Alliance. We moved to renewing all annual donors in the spring, rather than randomly throughout the year, to save donor money and staff time managing annual donations. This makes it easy to remember when to renew your support for the Alliance; renew your support in the spring to coincide with Earth Day!

We’re all in this together as we protect one another and our planet Earth. Thanks to all of you for inspiring (and funding) the work of the Snake River Alliance. I wish you peace and good health.