The new baseball caps at the Snake River Alliance say “Nuclear Waste is Not Your Friend.” But here it comes again — knocking at your door like a bad date from high school.

The Department of Energy is asking Idaho to accept high-level waste from the Byron nuclear plant in Illinois. This is to support research for South Korea. After the research, the waste will stay in Idaho.

We’ve heard this all before and we would be fools to fall for it. Idaho should not allow more nuclear waste. The government has not met its deadlines for removing what is already here.

Governor Otter and many legislators want the Byron waste and have plans to roll back Idaho’s 1995 Nuclear Waste Agreement to accept even more.

Many Snake River Alliance members know what happened when Idaho was a dumping ground for nuclear waste. For decades waste was directly injected into our aquifer and barrels of plutonium-laden waste were dumped into unlined pits.

We are fighting back with a media and public education campaign. Please help the Alliance launch by making a donation today to our new Don’t Waste Idaho campaign. We can’t do it without you!

It is important that we act today. The Byron shipment will open the door to more nuclear waste from many different places. There is already discussion of bringing thousands of barrels of nuclear waste to Idaho from Hanford, Washington.

Instead of accepting more waste, Idaho needs to enforce the 1995 Agreement that set up deadlines for cleanup at the Idaho National Laboratory. Those deadlines aren’t being met, and 900,000 gallons of highly radioactive liquid still sits in aging underground tanks at the Idaho National Laboratory.

Together we can stop the Byron shipment and keep our state safe. Don’t let Idaho open the door to more nuclear waste.

Thank you for helping the Don’t Waste Idaho campaign! When you send a one-time gift of $150 (or ongoing pledge of $10 a month) we will send you a “Nuclear Waste is Not Your Friend” hat in the color of your choosing. Just say “No hat, please” if that’s not your style.