Help stop bad nuclear policies

Members of the Snake River Alliance went to Washington DC this spring to help stop unsafe plans to “consolidate” nuclear waste from commercial power plants and speak out against taxpayer money for small modular reactors. Along with allies across the country, we hope to stop a bill putting our country’s nuclear waste storage policy on the wrong track yet again. You can help!

Please help us oppose H.B 3053 which would restart the failed licensing process for a permanent deep geologic waste repository at Yucca Mountain, NV. The proposal ignores both unsuitable geology and hydrology and the strong opposition of the people of Nevada.

Nevada refused to grant water rights for the repository. The bill introduced by John Shimkus of Illinois, would override state water rights. The bill also calls for interim consolidation of spent fuel without any safety, environmental, or public acceptance criteria. The Alliance signed on to a letter opposing the bill.

Please contact Idaho’s representatives and tell them you oppose HR 3053. The bill wouldn’t solve the nuclear waste problem and perpetuates a myth that the failed Yucca Mountain project could ever be opened.

Contact Idaho’s senators to tell them you oppose a second bill – HR 1551 – which has reached the Senate from the House and would extend a financial lifeline for the failing nuclear power industry. The bailout includes underwriting small modular reactors like the twelve NuScale wants to build in Idaho.

Clear back in 2005, Vice President Dick Cheney’s Energy Policy Act set up production tax credits to subsidize new nuclear power plants to the tune of $5 billion. The problem is that no nuclear power plants have been built and none will come online by the time the program ends in 2020. The House has already passed a bill that would extend the subsidies.

HR 1551 flew through the House and has now been introduced in the Senate. Contact Idaho’s Senators and tell them you oppose HR 1551, which drains taxpayer money in a futile attempt to save the nuclear power industry.

You can contact Idaho Congressional Representatives at:

Rep. Mike Simpson- 202-225-5531

Rep. Raul Labrador- 202-225-6611

Sen. James Risch- 202-224-2752 or 208-342-7985

Sen. Mike Crapo- 202-224-6142 or 208-334-1776