If you are “pro-solar” in the Treasure Valley but can’t install solar at your home or business through the Solarize the Valley program, we encourage you to consider going solar through Idaho Power’s Community Solar Pilot program. A 500 kilowatt solar array is planned to be build in South Boise. Subscriptions can be purchased for a one-time up-front payment of $562 per subscription, or in 24 monthly installments of $26.31. According to Idaho Power for each subscription, the average residential credit will be around a couple of dollars per month, (higher in the summer, lower in the winter). Based on current projections, it adds up to about $23 per year per subscription, which means you may recoup the original subscription cost over the 25-year life of the project.You will then receive credits on your bill for 25 years.

Please note that you have to choose — you can either net meter solar at your home/ business OR be enrolled in the community solar program. The Community Solar Project is most appropriate for renters, people who have small power bills or those who expect to stay in the community but move to a different residence in the future.