The Idaho Public Utilities Commission may soon approve a settlement agreement committing Idaho Power to pursue full closure of the North Valmy coal plant in Nevada by 2025. The Alliance has pushed for full closure as soon as 2021 and strongly supports this action. The North Valmy coal plant was once expected to close in 2035. Now, because of the failing economics of coal, Idaho Power wants to move up the target date. The utility has correctly concluded closure will reduce costs and is best for ratepayers in the long run.

Public support is needed because Idaho Power can’t do this alone. Plant co-owner Nevada Power has not agreed to that timeline and Idaho regulators must lead the way. North Valmy produces 4 million tons of carbon dioxide and 7,000 tons of sulfur dioxide each year. Closing this facility will improve regional air quality and public health. Closing North Valmy will require speeding up depreciation schedules causing a small (1.17%) rate increase through 2028. Closing the plant will also save approximately $20 million a year and reduce long-term rates.

Take Action: Send your comments today to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission in support of closing North Valmy and saving money for consumers. Go to: — under “Consumers” click “Case Comment or Question Form” and complete the form using Case Number: IPC-E-16-23. Send a copy of comments to Idaho Power as well: [email protected]

Points to make in your comments:

  • Support action by Idaho Power to continue a “glide path” away from coal by closing North Valmy completely by 2025.
  • Support efforts to further evaluate a the full closure date of 2021.
  • Support changing the depreciation schedule so Idaho Power can speed up the transition and save money in the long run.
  • Encourage the IPUC to work with all electric utilities to begin planning to transition to 100% safe, clean and renewable energy as soon as practicable.

The IPUC public comment period closes May 25th.