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Say “No!” to Commercial Nuclear Waste Coming to Idaho!

The Leadership in Nuclear Energy (LINE) Commission has sent Governor Otter a “Progress Report” with more than 60 very preliminary recommendations from its subcommittees.  The report includes boilerplate descriptions of the Idaho National Laboratory and a cursory history of its relationship with the State of Idaho and the people who live here.  Descriptions of the waste at the Site are somewhat misleading.  The attempts to foretell the future of nuclear power are compromised by an unwillingness to grapple with how tenuous that future really is.

The recommendations in the “Progress Report” have not been discussed by the full commission and quite obviously have to be winnowed down by the time the Commission’s final report goes to the Governor next month.  In an odd twist, the “Progress Report” also poses two separate sets of questions to consider – one for the public and one for the State.  The questions for the State (presumably the Governor) include a very explicit, threatening, and false bargain:  let more nuclear waste into Idaho or destroy INL.

Read the Final Report by clicking here.

More information about the LINE Commission and our work on this issue can be found here.

You can read our comments to the LINE Commission here.

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