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Solarize the Valley

More than $2 million invested in clean energy through the 2016 and 2017 programs and more than 700 kW of solar power.


December 26, 2017:  62 contracts signed, 457.37 kW of clean energy, $1,323,759 invested in the local economy.  Solarize the Valley 2017 has been a resounding success. Read our media release.

Boise homeowner, Jose “Memo” Cordova, is pleased with the results. “One of the main reasons I decided to get solar panels is to lessen my carbon footprint. I’m glad I got solar panels. They’re performing beautifully. I’ve seen a big reduction in my Idaho Power bill and am happy to be saving money, too.”


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Winston & Kristen Cheyney 3.6 kw system, Eric & Kirsten Deustch 2.9 kw system, Kirsten Deustch, Paul and Christine Hatab
Hatab 3 kw system, Clark & Judy Fleege, Kevin & Kathleen Clifford 13.26 system (partial)
PeggyJo & Jeff Wilhelm, Wilhelm 7.8 kw system, Whitlock 6 kw system
Jenna Whitlock w/ friend, Warren 3 kw system, Matt & Pascale Warren
Jim Byron & Bobbie Moritz, Byron 10.2 kw system (partial), Weatherly-White 5.7 kw system
Matthew & Larken Weatherly-White and friends, Sandy & Roger Anderson, Anderson 5.04 kw system
Thatcher 8.63 kw system, Dick & Natalie Thatcher, Alan Ellender 3.6 kw system
Kathy McGowan & Eric Wallace, McGowan 14.04 kw system, Jerry Taylor 13.68 kw system
Laura & Jerry Taylor, Ellen Reynolds, Lauren & Alejandro Necochea Family
Necochea 6.21 kw system, Barb Cochrane, Cochrane 6.0 kw system
Rebecca & Thomas Arnold & 11.7 kw system, Eric Jankowski & 5.61 kw system, Shirley VanZandt, Memo Cordova & Family
Deborah Whipple 3.06 kw system, Cameron, Jamie & Wookey Crow, Crow 6.9 system, Gordon & Julie Eldredge 10.5 kw system
Charles & Melissa Gains 6.33 kw system, Fritz Kiefer & LeAnne Town, Kiefer 7.92 system

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