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2015 Snake River Alliance Board Meeting

The Snake River Alliance succeeds because we have great people like you! Our volunteer board of directors both guards the mission of the Alliance and helps create a safe-energy future for Idaho and the world. The board will meet six times this year (two weekend meetings and four phone calls) and some committee work is required.  If you have enthusiasm for our cause, an interest in developing your leadership skills, and at least 5 hours of time each month, you may request a job description or volunteer your time by contacting us at or by calling (208) 344 9161. Hope to hear from you soon!

Taking Action on Climate Change

It’s no secret that some Idaho legislators don’t exactly come down on the science side of the climate change issue and would just as soon tell the Environmental Protection Agency exactly what it can do with its rules telling Idaho to reduce its climate-changing power plant emissions.

So give John Chatburn and the state Office of Energy Resources credit for calmly explaining to climate-denying lawmakers that it is actually in Idaho’s best interests to play ball with EPA and to show we’re serious about curtailing our greenhouse gas pollution. Read More

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision this week to delay or “stay” implementation of the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan to reduce coal plant greenhouse gas emissions is a disappointment, but we shouldn’t view it as a setback to efforts to move Idaho off its unhealthy dependence on coal-fired electricity generation. Read More

US waste site map

Idaho National Laboratory contractor, Battelle, and its supporters in eastern Idaho would very much like to have a piece of the federal funding for commercial nuclear waste storage and disposal. It will be a pretty big pie. States that might be thinking about accepting nuclear waste are no doubt dreaming of dollars, not curies. Idaho’s current status as a “non-consent” state may be far from secure.

After failing in attempts to open a repository at Yucca Mountain, NV, the Obama Administration named a Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future to explore approaches to the nuclear waste dilemma. The commission recommended a “consent-based process” for choosing nuclear waste management sites. The Department of Energy (DOE) is now accepting public comments on what a “consent-based process” should look like. Read More


The NW Power & Conservation Council on Wednesday voted unanimously to approve the four-state Northwest Regional Power Plan, a green energy roadmap showing how Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Montana can meet our electricity needs for the next 20 years almost exclusively through non-fossil fuel resources such as renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The groundbreaking Regional 7th Power Plan picks up where the equally groundbreaking 6th Power Plan left off five years ago and takes big new steps toward an even cleaner Northwest power grid. Read More