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It’s here! It’s time to go solar! The Alliance is making it easy for you to install rooftop solar on your home, business, nonprofit organization, school or church. We have done the hard work of researching, interviewing installers and negotiating great prices. From now until July 31, 2016, our members, supporters and the general public (in Ada or Canyon Counties) can sign up through our website at and access a great deal on photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

Idaho has plenty of sun for efficient and effective use of 100% safe, clean and renewable solar energy. Now is the time for you to take advantage of lower prices and technological improvements in solar.

When you sign up for your free site assessment you will get a bid for a guaranteed great price from one of our two selected solar installers: residential customers will be served by AltEnergy and commercial customers will be served by Site Based Energy. The Alliance and these two great contractors will get your system installed and hooked into Idaho Power Company’s Net Metering Program so you can enjoy harvesting your own solar energy!

Sign up today or come to a public information workshop for Solarize The Valley. The first workshop will be held on May 12 at 6:30 pm at NEON (North End Organic Nursery) at 3777 W. Chinden Blvd, Garden City, ID 83714.

Our goal is to replace at least 250 kilowatts of electricity that is currently being generated by out-of-state coal plants and hydropower dams on the Snake River. We need at least 50 homeowners, businesses, church congregations or nonprofit organizations to sign up, make an investment in renewable energy, and begin to enjoy the benefits of rooftop solar.

We also need volunteers for to help with community outreach by being Solar Ambassadors for the next three months. To volunteer, and help build a more sustainable future for Idaho, contact

This story shows that Idaho will remain on the radar screen of those who want to boost nuclear power development without solving the disposal issue.

Much of the waste stream covered in this report is the guts of commercial reactors when they are eventually decommissioned. It’s very radioactive. The bulk of US commercial reactors are still operating. The assumption has been that that there eventually would be in a deep geologic repository. But it doesn’t exist, and the preferred alternative identified in this report can’t accept this waste without a change in the law.

One goal of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 was to bolster the nuclear power industry. The law called for the Department of Energy to analyze disposal alternatives for this waste. DOE did an EIS and Idaho and a number of other DOE sites and “generic commercial facilities” (also non-existent) were on the list of potential disposal sites. The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant and generic commercial facilities are the preferred alternatives. While land disposal at the Idaho National Laboratory was rejected in this report on technical grounds, it is still on the table politically.

The document isn’t the last word regarding where nuclear waste will go in the future. Congress must act before this “hot-as-a-pistol” waste can ever be safely secured.

Read the Idaho Statesman article here.

The-Safe-Side-of-the-Fence Movie Poster

The US nuclear weapons and power enterprise has harmed nuclear workers, the environment, and members of the public. That was true at the very dawn of the nuclear age and it is true today.

The Alliance will be hosting an important documentary later this month. It documents what happened when workers at Mallinckrodt Chemical Works in St. Louis processed the first uranium for a nuclear bomb. They became some of the first victims of the weapons program.

“The Safe Side of the Fence,” directed by Tony West, tells their story and brings it forward to the threats faced by today’s Department of Energy (DOE) workers. Mr. West is showing his documentary in Boise, Ketchum, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello Monday through Wednesday, April 25, 26, and 27. Each presentation will include plenty of time to talk with Mr. West and Alliance staff about the issues raised in the film. Read More

Jim Bridger coal fired power plant, Sweetwater County, Rock Springs Wyoming and pond. It comprises four units, totaling 2110 megawatts (MW) of capacity. Completed in 1974, these generators use coal from the Bridger Coal and Black Butte mines.

Coal Country lies along Idaho’s eastern border

Who’d have thought even a year ago that Idaho would fill a unique space that truly matters in the nation’s wrenching argument with itself over the use of coal to produce electricity? Yet here we are:

  • Idaho has one foot planted in Coal Country, to the east, in places like Montana, Wyoming, and Utah, where coal remains king and not to be trifled with. This is Idaho’s Energy Past.
  • Idaho suddenly has the other foot in a much less familiar place to the west, in places like Oregon and Washington, where coal is reviled as little more than just another four-letter word. This is Idaho’s Energy Future.

Read More

Apr 10 2016

So Much to Do!

Embracing Clean Energy in Pocatello, April 11, 7pm at Pocatello City Hall
The League of Women Voters, Portneuf Resource Council, and Snake River Alliance are sponsoring a panel on clean energy. Featured speakers include Ken Miller, our Clean Energy Program Director, Lawrence Beaty, ISU ESTEC Director, and Bob Steinlicht of the Power County Wind Farm and Solar Panel Project.

Portneuf Valley Environmental Fair in Pocatello, April 16, 11am-3pm in Caldwell Park
Stop by, say hi, and see how you can get involved protecting Idaho from becoming a nuclear waste dump while promoting safe, clean, renewable energy.

DC Days in Washington DC, April 17-20
Every year Snake River Alliance goes to Washington to connect and train with other activists and to express our concerns and ideas to our congressmen. If you’d like to support this important work please visit our website or give us a call at (208) 344-9161.

Idaho Green Fest in downtown Boise, April 23, 4-9 pm
Great food, rockin’ jams, speakers, art, local, sustainable businesses, nonprofits. Come visit our table and see what we have up our sleeves for clean, renewable energy in Idaho. We are so excited!

Safe Side of the Fence – southern Idaho movie tour with Director Tony West in Boise, Ketchum, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello, April 25 – 27
A shocking exposé of the human cost of nuclear weapons production.  This premiere benefits the Snake River Alliance, Idaho’s nuclear watchdog, and supports our work to protect Idaho’s people, water, land and air from radioactive contamination. Watch the trailer here. Buy tickets online here. Tickets also available by calling (208) 344-9161 or at the door on film night.

Idaho Gives Is May 5th!
Give to the Snake River Alliance during this one-day online giving blitz! Join nonprofits statewide for philanthropy, ‘friendraising’ and much more. Idaho Gives is about coming together to support the nonprofit public interest groups that make Idaho so great. Vote for Snake River Alliance with your gift on May 5th.

Snake River Alliance Spring Member Dinner in Boise, May 21
Join us for a Mexican fiesta in Ann Morrison Park! Head over after you visit the Community Progressive event in Julia Davis. Stay tuned for more details.

Join us for the spring dinner

Join us for the spring dinner