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By Beatrice Brailsford


The US plans to spend $1 trillion on nuclear weapons in the next 30 year

On December 1 the Idaho Statesman reprinted an article from the LA Times headlined “New Nuclear Weapons Needed, Many Experts Say.” The central lament of these “experts” is that the US arsenal is obsolete. It is not. The US nuclear arsenal, which is the largest on earth, contains nearly 5,000 weapons, many on hair-trigger alert, that can kill tens of thousands of people at a single go. This country’s weapons of mass destruction remain weapons of mass destruction. What is demonstrably obsolete (and was always demonstrably wrong) is the notion that nuclear weapons make this country safer. Read More

By Ken Miller

Swan Falls, Idaho

Swan Falls Dam near Murphy in western Idaho

Most Idahoans, especially customers of Idaho Power, know that nearly half of the electricity used in the state is generated by hydropower dams on our rivers, streams, and even canals, and most of the rest comes from out-of-state coal plants. Those coal plants emit staggering amounts of greenhouse gases, and those emissions are undeniably changing our climate, including the rain and snow that powers electricity-generating dams. Here’s the rub: Climate change is altering precipitation patterns in Idaho, and that means changes to steam flow and when we can generate hydropower for electricity. The less power we get from our dams, the more power we need from those dirty coal plants. And that in turn further disrupts river and stream flows that provide all that power. You can see the problem. As we’ll see below, our reliance on climate-changing coal plants means less carbon-free hydropower, which means more coal. The biggest way to end this cycle is to burn less coal – and that’s the keystone in our clean energy program.

In October Idaho Power invited members of its Integrated Resource Plan Advisory Council and other stakeholders to join company representatives on a tour of Idaho Power’s historic Swan Falls Power Project. Read More

By Kelsey Jae Nunez

Summer Sip

Snake River Alliance members gather for activism and fellowship

See here for Part 1:  Seats at the Tables

One of the most awesome things I’ve learned in the last few months is how deep the Snake River Alliance’s roots run. In November I had the pleasant experience of a long conversation led by some of the earliest members – two founding members (Dorian Duffin and Diane Jones) and three early joiners who are still engaged (nuclear program director Beatrice Brailsford and board members and former executive directors Kerry Cooke and Liz Paul). We talked about the excitement and nervousness experienced by this group of then 20- and 30-somethings who were determined to shine the light on government secrecy and prevent harms from nuclear weapons and waste.  They shared about the rewards and stressors associated with working day jobs and spending late nights and weekends with the Alliance. Some were starting families and other careers when they decided they couldn’t turn back from the mission.  Taking the obstacles head on, they found out what was happening, told people about it, gathered, protested, marched, advocated, persuaded, fought . . . and often won. Read More

Kelsey Jae Nunez

On Sunday, December 7, the Idaho Statesman published Kelsey Nunez’s op-ed on the lessons we can learn from the AEHI indictment.

“There are valuable lessons in this story. We call on our fellow Idahoans, especially those in Payette County, to remember why we came out so hard against AEHI and reflect upon the need to take a cautious approach to schemes that come at the expense of local property rights and natural resources. This warning is particularly relevant when dissenters are treated as enemies instead of valued members of the public process.”

Read more here


Join the Snake River Alliance in creating strong citizen opposition to counter the new push for increased nuclear weapons production and testing. The spending for nuclear weapons is grotesque and must not be expanded!

Idaho is already burdened with contaminated land and water from nuclear weapons production and many Idahoans were sickened from nuclear weapons testing fallout. Our world needs more peace and not more weapons. Please join the Snake River Alliance in opposing new weapons production and testing. Your donations make a big difference in our budget, as we rely on the generosity of our donors to work towards a nuclear free, clean energy future. Thank you for your support on this #GivingTuesday.

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