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The Snake River Alliance’s “Solarize the Valley” partnership to match southwest Idaho homes and businesses with rock-solid solar installers offering low solar prices continues to gain traction, with more than 250 Idaho Power residential and commercial customers signing up for free assessments to help see if solar power’s a good fit for them.

Even Idaho Power is starting to show Solarize the Valley some love, with company CEO Darrel Anderson telling the City Club of Boise June 16 that Idaho Power thinks the program is a good idea and that he wishes the Alliance well in meeting its ambitious target of 250 kilowatts of new installed rooftop solar power this year. Read More

As mentioned above, Idaho Power CEO Darrel Anderson spent the lunch hour with the City Club of Boise June 16 to give a bird’s-eye view of how his company is enjoying its Centennial Year, and he also shed some light on how Idaho’s largest utility is approaching some of the biggest and in many cases most exciting opportunities facing the U.S. electric utility sector. A snapshot of his comments on issues of interest to Idaho Energy Update readers: Read More

Here’s a good-news electric vehicle (EV) item: Idaho Power announced June 13 that its business customers are invited to apply for big incentives to offset part of the cost of installing EV charging stations for their employees.

“Incentives include a $1,000 incentive for a single port charging station and $1,500 incentive for a dual port charging station up to a maximum of $4,500 per company, per cite. Charging stations must be installed between April 18 and November 11, 2016.” Read More

Beginning last week, Idaho Power has brought back its popular, if sometimes intermittent, programs to help customers reduce the utility’s need for power during its highest or “peak” demand times, and for residential customers that means the program where you allow the utility to periodically “cycle” your air-conditioner off for short periods in exchange for a payment from the company. Read More

Eyebrows were raised last week when the Idaho Statesman’s Rocky Barker reported some of the details of a huge proposed “pumped storage” electricity generation project that would include a large dam and reservoir above the existing Anderson Ranch Dam Reservoir on the South Fork of the Boise River, as well as accompanying wind and solar farms – all of which have understandably caught the interest of anyone interested in energy and wildlife issues in southwest Idaho and beyond. Read More