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We Did It!

This year, we were fortunate to have the Evergreen Family Foundation step up and offer us a matching grant of $20,000. That means that they would match any new or increased donations, up to $20,000, and they did just that! Over the course of the past few months, we have had a number of generous donors answer the call in support of this challenge. With their generousity, we were able to not just meet our goal of $20,000, but surpass it. The Evergreen Challenge is closed for this year, but we’ll be holding it again next year. Read more information about the challenge here.


We wish to thank the following donors to our 2016 Evergreen Challenge:

Brad and Mary Baker, Marianne Barker, Shirly Barron, Cynthia Bennett, Tamsen Binggeli, Fritz Bjornsen, Michael and Angeline Blain, Viola and Victor Bloch, Donna and Roger Boe, Andrea and Josh Bogle, Anita Brunner, Clifford Bryan and Reta Scott, Reed and Anne Burkholder, Janet and Russell Buschert, Cynthia Carr-Jenkins, Carol Casler, Wendy Chase, Sue Chew, Yvon Chouinard, James Cockey, Bill Collins, Jill Collins, Kerry Cooke, Carol Craighill, Ted Dale and Crystal Thurston, Katherine Daly and Ron Watters, Sue Economou, Anne and Paul Ehrlich, Family Roast Group, Nancy and Doug Fenn, Howard and Dyan Ferren, Pat Feuerborn and Rick Davis, Richard Feuerborn and Valez Bird, Feli Funke, Mark Giese, Philip Gordon, Marcy Gould-Cope and Orv Cope, Betty Gray, Judy Harmon, Paul and Christine Hatab, Anne and Alan Hausrath, Priscilla Hearst, Thomas and Roberta Heinrich, David Hensel and Julie Robinson, Cees and Julie Hoefnagels, Howard and Dyan Ferren, Rick Hudson, Wendy and Jim Jaquet, Mike Jenkins, Ted Jewell, Ed and Martha Keener, Virginia Kelly, Terry Kerler, Ginna and Ken Lagergren, Lou Landry, Phil Lansing, Melody and Charles Lenkner, Jo Lowe, Elise Lufkin, Elise Lufkin JR, Brent Marchbanks, Mark and Tami Masarik, Bill and Susan Mauk, Mary McGown, Ben McKelway, Jack and Peggy McMahon, John and Margaret McMahon, Kathryn Merriam, Ken and Virginia Miller, David and Sheila Mills, Judy and Wayne Minshall, Herb Neitzel, Elizabeth Paul and Scott Smay, John Peavey and Diane Josephy Peavey, John Pollack, Theresa Potts Rich and Hilary Rayhill, Heidi Read, Kathryn Reynolds, Michael Richardson, Ed and Sheila Robertson, Diane Ronayne and Gary Richardson, Raymond and Molly Ruppert, Kathy Ruyts, Victoria Seever, John Sinsky and Abbie Thomson, Samuel Snider, Gayle Speizer, Mary Spinner, Evan Stelma and Bart Lassman, Kathleen Stocks, Elizabeth and Aaron Swisher, Linda and Mike Theiring, Laura Tirrell and Mark Mering, Shirley Van Zandt, Annie and Bill Vanderbilt, Dan Walters, Helen Wasson, Stephen Weeg and Nancy Greco, Sue White, Sharon Williams, Steven Wolper, Ralph and Carolyn Wolter.