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Idaho National Laboratory: An Environmental Perspective

Thanks to “The Third Rail” for conducting this interview and filming this presentation!

In the following clips, Beatrice Brailsford, Nuclear Program Director of the Snake River Alliance, provides background on how the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) accumulated all of the nuclear waste it now has and what the lab is currently doing to cleanup that waste and protect our environment, particularly the Snake River Aquifer, from further radioactive contamination.

Part 1

Part 2

Idaho Reports – That’s A Wrap 2015

Idaho Reports takes an early look at the upcoming 2016 election season with political analyst Dr. Jim Weatherby, Dean Ferguson of the Idaho Democratic Party and political advisor Ken Burgess. Aaron Kunz visits Idaho National Laboratory for a clean-up update.

Idaho Gives 2014 – Why YOU Should Support the Snake River Alliance!


The second meeting of the governor’s commission on Leadership
in Nuclear Energy 2.0 took place September 26, 2013. Despite the
commission’s stated position that it is premature for Idaho or
other any state to consider “interim” spent fuel storage,
representatives from Battelle cannot stop pushing the plan. The
presentations in this meeting should worry us all.

In 2012 the Snake River Alliance met with Gene Fadness of the
Idaho Public Utilities Commission to learn about how the public
can participate in public hearing.


Interview of Liz Woodruff by Tim Andreae on Boise Radio’s Greasy Greens program.
In this interview Liz discusses the LINE Commission draft recommendations and the
position of the Snake River Alliance.
The interview originally aired on December 15, 2012.


Liz Woodruff is the Executive Director of the Snake River Alliance,
Idaho’s Nuclear Watchdog and Clean Energy Advocate. This is Liz
giving her 10-minute introduction on an Idaho Environmental Forum
panel, following a 30-minute introduction by Vice Admiral John J.
Grossenbacher (Ret.), Director of the Idaho National Laboratory and
President of Battelle Energy Alliance. The forum topic was “Asking
the hard questions after Japan: Can a new generation of power plant
design alter the nuclear safety landscape?


In the spring of 2013, Liam Weber-Wells visited family in Hiroshima,
Japan and toured the aftermath of the WWII atomic bombing that
occurred on August 6, 1945. Liam was kind enough to sit down with
us and talk about his experience.


On September 24, 2011, the Snake River Alliance
organized a day of bike-bound protest/activism for
clean energy.
StoryCorps Interview: Mike Jones & Liz Woodruff

On July 3, 2013, Snake River Alliance Executive Director, Liz Woodruff,
and Alliance co-founder, Michael Jones, sat down and discussed the
early days of the SRA as part of the StoryCorps Project.
Building a Greener Idaho Interview: Ken Miller & Charlie Woodruff

On May 15, 2013, Snake River Alliance Clean Energy Program Director,
Ken Miller, and Northwest Energy Coalition Executive Director, Sara Patton,
joined Radio Boise’s Building a Greener Idaho, to discuss their respective
programs and what they’re currently working on here in Idaho.
Interview: Joanna Macy on Radio Boise 89.9

Hear Joanna Macy’s interview on 89.9 Radio Boise during her visit on
January 19, 2012 just before her weekend workshop sponsored by the