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Reports, Fact Sheets, & Links

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Nuclear Waste in Idaho

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Spent Fuel Questions We Wish Had Been Asked & Answered

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The Growing U.S. Nuclear Threat
Alliance for Nuclear Accountability May 2015

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Idaho Utilities and Renewable Energy Contracts

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Utilities can kick coal – together we’re showing them how

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Protecting Idaho from nuclear waste – in all its forms – demands vigilance

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To meaningfully address climate change, we must reject nuclear power

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Nuclear Waste and Groundwater Contamination at INL – Prezi by Boise State Intern



Kicking Idaho's Coal Habit

Kicking Idaho’s Coal Habit
The Health & Environmental Impacts of Idaho’s Addiction to Coal and a Roadmap to a Coal-Free Electricity Future









2014 Making a Difference: How Idahoans Can Work Toward a Clean Energy Future

Making a Difference
How Idahoans Can Work Toward a Clean Energy Future









Idaho Energy Plan Review
Status update of 2007 Idaho Energy Plan recommendations and suggestions for moving forward










Coal Report

Idaho’s Dangerous Dalliance with King Coal

Putting Down A Coal Plant: Retiring a Utility Asset

Putting Down A Coal Plant
Retiring a Utility Asset



Nuclear Program Handouts

Small Reactors…Big Problems, Updated 10/14

LINE Commission fact sheet, created 8/12

INL Cleanup fact sheet, created 3/12

AREVA fact sheet, updated 1/12

Reprocessing fact sheet, created 10/11

The 5 W’s Nuclear Power fact sheet, created 8/11

Nuclear and Renewables graphs, created 5/11

Nuclear Reactors Worldwide graphs, created 5/11

Nuclear Costs graphs, created 5/11

U.S. Nuclear Bailout fact sheet, created 5/11

Greater-Than-Class-C (GTCC) Waste fact sheet, created 5/11

Clean Energy Program Handouts

Idaho Coal Report brochure, updated 8/12

Clean Energy Guide brochure, created 8/11

Outside Resources and Webpages:

Energy Resources

Northwest Energy Coalition

Renewable Northwest Project

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Northwest Power and Conservation Council

Idaho Office of Energy Resources

Idaho Public Utilities Commission

Idaho Power

Rocky Mountain Power


Nuclear Resources

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Resources

Alliance for Nuclear Accountability

Nuclear Information & Resource Service




Institute for Energy & Environmental Research