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Spent fuel FAQs we wish had been asked and answered

Spent fuel cask at North Anna in Virginia

There have been a number of editorials and guest opinions in Idaho newspapers since the start of the year regarding the Department of Energy’s desire to ship two…

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Nuclear Navy’s Final Port of Call

Starting in 1957, every scrap of spent fuel from the nuclear Navy has come to Idaho. The nuclear Navy plans to continue to send its spent fuel to…

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Idaho has already said NO . . . But those who want to import commercial nuclear waste need to hear it again In January, we learned that Idaho’s…

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Q: Why worry about commercial spent fuel? A: 23.8 billion curies…and counting We’re sometimes asked why we oppose the importation of commercial spent fuel – and why the…

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No Time to Surrender

By  Beatrice Brailsford Idahoans’ resistance to accumulating nuclear waste above the Snake River Aquifer began in earnest in the 1960s. Challenges came from individuals and political leaders, heads…

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