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Nuclear Uncertainty

What effect will a Trump Administration have on this country’s nuclear power, waste, and weapons policies? “Prospects for a rational approach are not bright.” That’s the conclusion of…

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The Human Cost of Nuclear Weapons

People around the world oppose nuclear weapons. This image is from Pretoria.

The McClatchy newspaper group has just released a disturbing series about the long-term harm to workers’ health from the nuclear endeavor across the country, including at the Idaho…

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The Alliance Challenges the Growing U.S. Nuclear Threat

weapons v cleanup chart

The Snake River Alliance recently returned from its 27th annual “DC Days” with the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA), a national network of organizations working to address issues…

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The Growing U.S. Nuclear Threat (PDF)

Source: Alliance for Nuclear Accountability

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Beatrice Brailsford’s eloquent op-ed on nuclear weapons published in the Post Register and Idaho Statesman

We thank the Post Register and Idaho Statesman for providing a broad platform for Beatrice Brailsford’s moving guest opinion on the US nuclear weapons arsenal.  Find the guest piece in…

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Idaho Nuclear Waste Shipments in Limbo

BY LUKE RAMSETH (IDAHO FALLS) POST REGISTER December 22, 2014 IDAHO FALLS – The morning of Feb. 5, deep below the New Mexico desert, a salt-hauling truck caught…

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The Nuclear Weapons Stranglehold

  On December 1 the Idaho Statesman reprinted an article from the LA Times headlined “New Nuclear Weapons Needed, Many Experts Say.” The central lament of these “experts”…

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Oppose nuclear weapons this Giving Tuesday

Join the Snake River Alliance in creating strong citizen opposition to counter the new push for increased nuclear weapons production and testing. The spending for nuclear weapons is…

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Where Does the Money Go? – By Beatrice Brailsford

The United States continues to spend more and more money on nuclear weapons, calling into question our commitment to our treaty obligations to disarm and, indeed, to our…

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No More Money for More Weapons – Beatrice Brailsford


The United States should not spend one more dime on new nuclear weapons. But the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), the semi-autonomous, mostly secret, nuclear weapons arm of…

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