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2017 Pricing, Tax Credits and Financing

You get a great deal with Solarize the Valley!

All Solarize the Valley participants will receive:

  • Standardized, below-market, pre-negotiated pricing
  • Cost per watt decreases as overall system size increases


2017 Residential Pricing
System size (kW) Cost per Watt
3 – 4.99 $3.45
5 – 7.99 $3.00
8 – 11.99 $2.85
12 – 24.99 $2.75
25 – 100 $2.50

rooftop solar installed thru Solarize the Valley       Installation in Foothills East

Federal Investment Tax Credit

  • Receive a 30% federal tax credit on overall system cost

Idaho State Tax Deduction- Alternative Energy Device at Residence

* Depending on solar system cost, tax liability. Consult your installer and accountant for more information.

Kaiser installation        Fischer home

Financing your solar system

There are numerous options for financing your solar project:

Idaho’s State Energy Loan Program

Your solar installer will help explain these and other options.