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Embracing Clean Energy in Pocatello, April 11, 7pm at Pocatello City Hall
The League of Women Voters, Portneuf Resource Council, and Snake River Alliance are sponsoring a panel on clean energy. Featured speakers include Ken Miller, our Clean Energy Program Director, Lawrence Beaty, ISU ESTEC Director, and Bob Steinlicht of the Power County Wind Farm and Solar Panel Project.

Portneuf Valley Environmental Fair in Pocatello, April 16, 11am-3pm in Caldwell Park
Stop by, say hi, and see how you can get involved protecting Idaho from becoming a nuclear waste dump while promoting safe, clean, renewable energy.

DC Days in Washington DC, April 17-20
Every year Snake River Alliance goes to Washington to connect and train with other activists and to express our concerns and ideas to our congressmen. If you’d like to support this important work please visit our website or give us a call at (208) 344-9161.

Idaho Green Fest in downtown Boise, April 23, 4-9 pm
Great food, rockin’ jams, speakers, art, local, sustainable businesses, nonprofits. Come visit our table and see what we have up our sleeves for clean, renewable energy in Idaho. We are so excited!

Safe Side of the Fence – southern Idaho movie tour with Director Tony West in Boise, Ketchum, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello, April 25 – 27
A shocking exposé of the human cost of nuclear weapons production.  This premiere benefits the Snake River Alliance, Idaho’s nuclear watchdog, and supports our work to protect Idaho’s people, water, land and air from radioactive contamination. Watch the trailer here. Buy tickets online here. Tickets also available by calling (208) 344-9161 or at the door on film night.

Idaho Gives Is May 5th!
Give to the Snake River Alliance during this one-day online giving blitz! Join nonprofits statewide for philanthropy, ‘friendraising’ and much more. Idaho Gives is about coming together to support the nonprofit public interest groups that make Idaho so great. Vote for Snake River Alliance with your gift on May 5th.

Snake River Alliance Spring Member Dinner in Boise, May 21
Join us for a Mexican fiesta in Ann Morrison Park! Head over after you visit the Community Progressive event in Julia Davis. Stay tuned for more details.

Join us for the spring dinner

Join us for the spring dinner

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