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Press Release: Snake River Alliance Executive Director to Leave in July



June 10, 2014
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Liz Woodruff, Executive Director
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Beth Jacob, Board President

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Snake River Alliance Executive Director to Leave in July

BOISE, ID—After more than six years with the Snake River Alliance, Executive Director Liz Woodruff will leave the organization on July 3, 2014.  She is leaving to pursue new opportunities and challenges in the non-profit sector in Idaho. The Alliance is seeking a new director who will continue to build the strength and effectiveness of the organization.

Woodruff started at the Alliance in 2008 and became director in January 2011.  “Leading the Snake River Alliance has been a true honor,” Woodruff said, “No other organization in Idaho does the tough work of protecting the state from nuclear contamination. And the Alliance’s efforts to promote clean energy are innovative, effective, and timely. I have every confidence that the success of the organization will continue under new leadership.”

During Woodruff’s time with the Alliance, the organization has pushed back against efforts to weaken Idaho’s settlement agreement that protects the state from more nuclear waste. The Alliance leads the effort to get Idaho utilities to end their reliance on dirty coal-fired power imported from out-of-state and replace it with clean, affordable, and sustainable alternatives.

“We are proud of the work we’ve done during Liz’s time with the organization and we are even more proud of our members and staff, who have successfully held at bay attempts to increase Idaho’s radioactive burden,” said Beth Jacob, president of the Snake River Alliance board of directors.  “The Alliance has served as a strong, steady voice for successful cleanup at the Idaho National Lab; and won key regulatory victories against coal-fired power and in support of cleaner options for Idaho,”

Woodruff’s departure comes as the organization prepares to engage Idahoans in developing new federal coal plant greenhouse gas reductions and as some nuclear proponents try to lay the groundwork for more nuclear waste in Idaho.

“The work of the Snake River Alliance is more important than ever,” Jacob said. “We are looking for a smart, dedicated and compassionate leader who will support our staff, board and members as we face the challenges and opportunities of building a nuclear-free, clean energy future for Idaho,” concluded Jacob.

Information about the executive director position at the Alliance will be made available on its website within the next week. Prior to her departure, Woodruff is available for interviews to describe the Alliance’s recent accomplishments and promising future prospects.

The Snake River Alliance works for responsible solutions to nuclear waste and a nuclear-free future. It seeks to strengthen Idaho’s economy and communities through the implementation of renewable energy sources in Idaho and the promotion of energy efficiency and conservation.


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