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Press Release: Governor’s Nuclear Commission Agrees to Make Public Comment Public




January 9, 2013
CONTACT: Snake River Alliance
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Governor’s Nuclear Commission Agrees to Make Public Comment Public

BOISE, ID—The Snake River Alliance is pleased to report that the Leadership in Nuclear Energy (LINE) Commission will provide public access to the public comment it has received over the past year. Shortly after the Snake River Alliance thanked Governor Otter for his commitment to the 1995 Settlement Agreement and requested that he ask the Leadership in Nuclear Energy (LINE) Commission to provide access to the comments, LINE Commission staff contacted the Alliance to say access will be available on January 31 via the LINE Commission website:

“This is welcome news,” said Liz Woodruff, Snake River Alliance executive director. “We have asked for months that the Commission provide access to public comment, since it is nearly impossible to have a ‘conversation’ about a public policy issue if you can’t see what your friends and neighbors are saying. Until yesterday, the Commission would not respond to our requests and those of many other Idahoans that the public have access to public comments. We are glad the Commission has decided to make its process more transparent,” Woodruff said.

In a letter sent to Governor Otter on January 7, the Alliance requested that public comment be available for review and that the LINE Commission’s final deliberations are conducted in an open forum. The LINE Commission has scheduled a January 25 meeting, but it is still unclear what will occur at that meeting, what decisions will already have been made, and how the public will participate.

“We are confident that public comment has been received from all corners of the state echoing Governor Otter’s commitment to keep the 1995 Settlement Agreement intact and protect Idaho from nuclear waste,” Woodruff said. “The LINE Commission process will be better for having provided access to public testimony.”

The Alliance’s full comments to the LINE Commission can be found here. A copy of its letter to Governor Otter can be accessed here.

The Snake River Alliance works for responsible solutions to nuclear waste and a nuclear-­‐free future. It seeks to strengthen Idaho’s economy and communities through the implementation of renewable energy sources in Idaho and the promotion of energy efficiency and conservation.

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