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Poll: Broad Support for Clean Power Plan Targeting Coal Emissions


This is more a national blurb than an Idaho one, but the message is as important here as anywhere.

A new bipartisan poll on President Obama’s Clean Power Plan (the one that targets greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants like those we use to import electricity into Idaho) shows an overwhelming majority of Americans, including a majority of Republicans, want their governors to implement the plan to reduce the threat of climate change, according to the League of Conservation Voters (LCV). The poll was conducted by Democratic pollster Hart Research Associates and Republican pollster Chesapeake Beach Consulting.

Idaho is in the process of determining how or whether to write a plan to implement the Clean Power Plan over the next two or more years. Several states have either sued the Environmental Protection Agency or said they will not comply with the Clean Power Plan, in which case EPA will write a plan for them. Idaho has so far not joined that bandwagon and officials here are in the early stages of deciding Idaho’s next move, including whether to join other states in a regional approach to reducing climate-changing greenhouse gases, notably carbon dioxide. According to the League of Conservation Voters:

  • Majorities of Democrats and independents solidly support the plan, as do 4 in 10 Republicans. Sixty percent of voters support the plan while 31 percent oppose it.
  • In the states, 70 percent of Americans want their states and governors to cooperate with developing plans to reduce coal-related emissions; just 17 percent do not.
  • Support for the plan crosses all regions. In the West, 61 percent support it and 28 oppose it, compared to 66 percent supporting it in the Northeast, 55 percent in the South, and 57 percent in the Midwest. Sixty-two percent of women support it, while 56 percent of men do.
  • 75 percent of voters say they support more investments in energy efficiency programs and in renewable energy.
  • Majorities of respondents believe the plan will have positive outcomes for America’s energy independence, health of Americans, combatting climate change, jobs, and America’s economy overall.

“It’s good news that support for the Clean Power Plan remains strong, but it’s especially good news to see that Americans want their governors on board with the plan, too,” LCV President Gene Karpinski said. “State leaders who are choosing to fight these carbon pollution safeguards would do well to listen to their constituents instead of the polluters.”

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