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Meet the D.C. Days Activists


Linda Leeuwrik – Pocatello

I’m eager to attend DC Days to be part of the effort to stop additional nuclear waste from coming into Idaho and to do all I can to ensure our beautiful state doesn’t become the country’s nuclear dumpsite.

Amy Hilton – Boise

I want to go to DC with the Snake River Alliance because I want to be a catalyst for the changes I want to see in U.S. nuclear energy public policies. This is the perfect opportunity to make my voice heard.

Brent Marchbanks – Boise

One thing about today’s political climate: the powers that be are unsure of their standing with constituents. It’s a great time for them to hear from us on energy and nuclear waste issues.


Wendy Wilson – Boise

Washington, DC, still belongs to all Americans. It is crucial for citizens to be there to keep dirty-energy lobbyists from running amok.



Beatrice Brailsford – Pocatello

We’re halfway through a $22 billion cleanup of nuclear weapons contamination in Idaho. At the very same time, we’re threatened with crippling funding cuts to environmental regulation and hearing talk about a new nuclear arms race. I want to help stop our country from making the same mistakes again.

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