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Made in the Shade: Get Yer Trees Here!


It’s one of Idaho Power’s “coolest” energy-saving programs of the year. The utility’s Shade Tree Project invites Idaho Power customers in Ada and Canyon counties to sign up and use the online enrollment tool to map your house, select a tree and find the best planting spot for it on your property.

For a limited time, Idaho Power will provide southwest Idaho residents a free shade tree on a first-come, first-served basis. The utility says that properly planted shade trees can cool your home by 15 percent or more – and you don’t even have to plug them in!

lionsWhether planted in urban or rural areas, well-selected and planted trees are known as “phantom power plants” because they save energy and reduce the need to build costly, dirty, new coal or gas power plants. They’re one of our best weapons against climate change, and also help cool our homes with their shade and reduce the need for expensive air-conditioning.

Trees will be available for pickup Oct. 6-Oct. 8, and enrollment will take about 10 minutes. The project is funded in part by the Idaho Department of Lands in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service. You can also call 208-388-6075 for more information.

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