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Idaho Power Distributes Free Energy-Saving Kits to Customers


Idaho Power’s efforts to give customers a leg up on saving on their monthly power bills took another step with the utility’s announcement that it’s giving away what it calls a “free Energy-Saving Kit delivered directly to your home.” Depending on such things as whether you have an electric water heater, Idaho Power says the kit includes some or all of these:

  • 9 LED light bulbs
  • LED night light
  • High-efficiency showerhead
  • Faucet aerators (kitchen and bath)
  • Digital thermometer to check refrigerator, freezer and water temperatures
  • Shower time
  • Water flow-rate test bag to measure water flow

“Installing these items will help you save energy and money,” Idaho Power says. “Order today!”

The kit, which is funded through the energy efficiency surcharge or “rider” paid by some customers, also contains educational materials on how to reduce your monthly power bill. The free kits are available to Idaho Power customers with active, residential accounts and are one per household.

“Although the program will be marketed in select geographic areas to meet specific savings requirements, any eligible participant may order a kit through the program’s website, or by calling the toll-free enrollment number, 800-465-6045,” Idaho Power said. “Kits must be mailed to an address within Idaho Power’s service area.” It’s a good idea to have your 10-digit account number from your Idaho Power bill handy if you call to order an energy-saving kit.

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