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Idaho Energy Update Closes Another Chapter


ken_portlandAfter more than 400 editions of Idaho Energy Update that have filled your email boxes over the year, this one, which as you’ve seen is jam-packed with good news, will close that chapter.

Snake River Alliance Clean Energy Program manager Ken Miller is moving on to other challenges. We’ve been dispatching these Idaho Energy Updates at least monthly and often more frequently for more than a decade. We’ve learned so much from you eagle-eyed readers who have brought errors to our attention or who have provided new insights and story ideas, and we’ve enjoyed watching so many of you celebrate innumerable, wonderful clean energy victories. Most important, we’ve had a front-row seat as those of you Idaho clean energy warriors have worked so hard together to reshape Idaho’s energy and climate landscape.

One way or another, each of you has made Idaho a cleaner and healthier place to live, work and play!

This old Idaho Energy Update will be reprised beginning in 2017 under new management as I leave the Alliance at month’s end to pursue other interests. You can always give me a shout at to receive the reprised version, but rest assured that the Snake River Alliance, which was Idaho’s first home-grown clean energy advocate, will always remain so. SRA’s energy work remains in very capable hands and with a dedicated and hard-charging group of staffers, board members, and SRA members and volunteers who will do you proud as we pursue progressive and thoughtful energy policies in Idaho.

Thanks to each of you for your relentless, creative, and fun and gracious voices in showing what makes Idaho so special. You’re making a huge difference in the quality of life for all Idahoans!


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