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Holding What Can’t be Held – 2nd Annual Exhibit


The Snake River Alliance welcomes you to the 2nd annual exhibition of Holding What Can’t Be Held, a project in which eight artists have come together in contemplation of the radioactive material in our own backyard. Participating artists toured the radioactive “cleanup” sites at the Idaho National Laboratory and then met on numerous occasions over the course of a year to process their experiences and to attempt to hold this “broken matter” – substances so volatile that they contaminate whatever comes near them and will continue to be hazardous to the biosphere for more than a hundred thousand years. As part of their process, artists came up with prompts for each other such as “Design a safety protocol.” “Expose yourself in three wrong places.” “Wait for something that may not arrive for 159,200 years.”

The exhibition is open on January 18 at MING studios in downtown Boise (7-9pm), and will run until February 4.

On January 18, from 7-9pm, nuclear program director Beatrice Brailsford will be giving a presentation at MING studio on the radioactive ‘clean up’ efforts at the Idaho National Laboratory. She will provide us with action items to help keep Idaho safe from further radioactive contamination. Come learn about this ever-present danger and view the related art exhibition.

The artists are Daniel Peltz, Amy O’Brien, Chad Erpelding, Sissi Westerberg, Eric Mullis, Kelly Cox, John Shinn, and Tim Andreae.