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Glad to Be Here


The last two weeks have been amazing. I feel so grateful to be a part of the Snake River Alliance team. This team includes all of you who are reading this: our generous and inspirational members, major donors and foundation supporters; our committed and visionary board of directors; our clever and motivated interns; and our intelligent, passionate, and effective staff. Because we all work together and provide support to each other as we fulfill our roles, we succeed.

The Clean Energy Program, led by Ken Miller, is actively engaged in several critical PUC dockets relating to utility prices, energy efficiency, and renewable energy development. Ken is also a key player in Idaho Power Company’s Integrated Resource Plan process and the national and regional discussions centered on the Clean Air Act’s Rule 111(d) relating to existing coal plants. Also be on the lookout for our Renewable Energy Report and update to our Energy Guide – these two informative and useful documents will be published soon!

Beatrice Brailsford, who runs our Nuclear Program, is keeping herself busy in Eastern Idaho with her important work with the Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board and the cleanup of nuclear waste at the Idaho National Laboratory site. Beatrice has a deep understanding of the complex issues associated with high-level radioactive waste and spent fuel, and will be publishing a report soon. Beatrice represented the Alliance at the Intermountain Energy Conference on August 19-20, and continues to be a respected and effective voice for protecting Idaho from new nuclear energy generation and waste production and storage.

Jonnathan Wight manages our communications and outreach efforts. He has been working closely with Leigh Ford, our office manager (and the friendly voice you often hear when you call the Boise office!) executing the celebration of our 35th anniversary and the Summer Sizzler membership drive. It’s not too late to be entered into the raffle by joining or renewing your membership for $35 by August 31!

In this issue of the Snake Byte, our staff provides important updates on our programmatic work, our outreach to the community, and our relationships with our members and donors. As you read, please consider how you can continue to support us as we work to achieve our shared goals. If you have questions about a program or action, let us know! Can you donate more frequently or in higher amounts to ensure we have the resources we need to keep excelling? Do you have friends and colleagues that have not heard of us yet? Is there an event you would like to host? There are so many ways to support the Alliance, and we are thankful for all that you have done so far.

With respect and gratitude,
Kelsey Jae Nunez, Executive Director

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