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A Cautionary Tale for Idaho: “The Safe Side of the Fence”

The US nuclear weapons and power enterprise has harmed nuclear workers, the environment, and members of the public. That was true at the very dawn of the nuclear…

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Gallup: For First Time, Most in U.S. Oppose Nuclear

From the international polling giant Gallup, Inc.: For the first time since Gallup first asked the question in 1994, a majority of Americans say they oppose nuclear energy….

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DOE’s Latest Run at a Nuclear Waste Solution

US waste site map

Idaho National Laboratory contractor, Battelle, and its supporters in eastern Idaho would very much like to have a piece of the federal funding for commercial nuclear waste storage…

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Washington is the DOE’s Hometown


And we’re going for a visit April 17 through 20! Much of what the Snake River Alliance works on and what our members care about is right here…

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Former Exec in Idaho Nuke Plant Scam Sent to Prison for 30 Months

The No. 2 executive of a company that roamed Idaho and beyond bilking investors of millions of dollars in a scheme to build a phony nuclear power plant…

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The Human Cost of Nuclear Weapons

People around the world oppose nuclear weapons. This image is from Pretoria.

The McClatchy newspaper group has just released a disturbing series about the long-term harm to workers’ health from the nuclear endeavor across the country, including at the Idaho…

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One Win on Spent Fuel!

The Snake River Alliance has long worked to stop shipments of spent nuclear fuel from coming to Idaho. Our work paid off on October 23, when Idaho’s Attorney…

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Even When It’s Out Of Commission, Everybody Wants A Piece Of WIPP

Beatrice Brailsford explored nuclear waste problems at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Read more about it in the Los Alamos Daily Post.

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Spent fuel FAQs we wish had been asked and answered

Spent fuel cask at North Anna in Virginia

There have been a number of editorials and guest opinions in Idaho newspapers since the start of the year regarding the Department of Energy’s desire to ship two…

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Tour the Idaho National Lab – Your radioactive backyard

INL tour with the Snake River Alliance

On Thursday, October 22, 2015, Snake River Alliance members and supporters can visit the Idaho National Laboratory, which covers 890 square miles of eastern Idaho’s high desert plain….

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