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Alliance Fights for Idaho

 About 50 members and supporters of the Snake River Alliance were among the 200 people who attended a July 14th public meeting in Boise about the future of…

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A New Chance for Idaho’s “Clean” Energy Plan

The state is about to take its third stab at energy planning, which will be the first since federal adoption of the Obama Clean Power Plan. This process…

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Spent Nuclear Fuel Alert

On Thursday evening, July 14, the Department of Energy (DOE) is coming to Boise to ask Idahoans what we think of a new process for siting nuclear waste…

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Some Considerations for the Department of Energy’s Consent-based process for siting nuclear waste

The Department of Energy should not be in charge of the spent fuel and high-level waste programs any longer. The Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future recommended…

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A Cautionary Tale for Idaho: “The Safe Side of the Fence”

The US nuclear weapons and power enterprise has harmed nuclear workers, the environment, and members of the public. That was true at the very dawn of the nuclear…

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Idaho’s Unique Space in the War on Coal

Who’d have thought even a year ago that Idaho would fill a unique space that truly matters in the nation’s wrenching argument with itself over the use of…

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Idaho Power Joins West-wide Energy Market, Boosts Renewables

In a little-noticed move that has big potential to advance clean energy and strengthen the western power grid, Idaho Power has signed onto a California-based energy market that…

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Snake River Alliance Board Seeks New Members

2015 Snake River Alliance Board Meeting

The Snake River Alliance succeeds because we have great people like you! Our volunteer board of directors both guards the mission of the Alliance and helps create a…

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Idaho Energy Office Moves Forward with EPA Coal Plant Pollution Rules – Failure to Act Would Have EPA Write Idaho’s Compliance Plan Instead

Taking Action on Climate Change

It’s no secret that some Idaho legislators don’t exactly come down on the science side of the climate change issue and would just as soon tell the Environmental…

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DOE’s Latest Run at a Nuclear Waste Solution

US waste site map

Idaho National Laboratory contractor, Battelle, and its supporters in eastern Idaho would very much like to have a piece of the federal funding for commercial nuclear waste storage…

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